Follow on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

Follow on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

Like any self-respecting fan page on the internet, is more than merely a website.

We’re trying to establish something of a presence on those three hallmarks of social media, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, so please click on the links below to see what else we’re doing; please feel free to like, follow, comment and such!


The YouTube channel represents our attempt to collect every video clip of Los Angeles Rams football of the good old days, i.e. 1949-1994, currently uploaded to the file-sharing site.

We’re already approximately 0.0064% finished in our goal, so send us any suggestions for additions.

Plus we may actually upload some original video content on occasion…


On the sports fan’s favorite social medium, the Twitter page not only hopes to pithily tweet (and re-tweet – gotta love the re-tweet) on Rams news as it happens “in real time,” but to serve as a connection point for Los Angeles- and Orange County-area folks united in hopes of bringing our NFL team back home.

Click on the above link for our Twitter page, or here for the Twitter feed hosted on this webpage.

(Incidentally, if you’re legit and you follow us, we’ll most likely return the favor…)


And then there’s Zuckerberg’s beast. does our best on our Facebook page, but this is admittedly mostly a vehicle to publicize posts here on the website for you to peruse and click through while you’re killing way too much time at work checking friends’ status updates.

But, hey, at very least it’s current and updated as frequently as possible...


You can also drop our editor, Os Davis, a line through old-fashioned email. Write with comments, concerns, clever remarks or bragging about your awesome football card collection to