Here comes the cavalry and/or Jerry Jones!

Saturday, January 9, 2016 11:33 PM

The most interesting bit for a Rams fan during the late stages of the Kansas City Chiefs-Houston Texans playoff “contest” yesterday? The teaser-style announcement that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the most vociferous supporter of Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s bid to move his team to Inglewood, was attempting to broker a deal which would bring the Rams along with the Chargers into Kroenke’s planned venue on the old Hollywood Park site.

Unfortunately, little got out to the greater public than a single in-game utterance for about 12 hours, when Pro Football Talk provided some details this morning about Jerry’s pitch at the NFL’s current conundrum regarding which of three prospective franchises to move Los Angeles.

Per multiple league sources, the solution could be this: A Rams-Chargers forced marriage, in Inglewood or Carson.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been pushing the Inglewood angle, which would give Rams owner Stan Kroenke what he covets (his own stadium in the L.A. area) and which would give Chargers owner Dean Spanos what he covets (a one-way ticket out of San Diego). Jones, per multiple sources, has submitted a resolution in advance of next week’s special ownership meeting in Houston aimed at forcing that specific outcome.

The Chargers are expected to push for Carson as the location of a shared venue with the Rams, if the NFL is inclined to compel that outcome. In Carson, the two teams would be true partners; in Inglewood, Kroenke would have the upper hand, as it relates to the surrounding development.

Of course, Kroenke has directly pitched a co-tenancy deal in Inglewood to Spanos previously, to which the Chargers owner responded in writing:

Nothing in Stan’s letter gives me any reason to reconsider my partnership with [Raiders owner] Mark Davis and our chosen stadium site. I firmly believe that the proposal we have jointly made is in the best interests of the entire league and is in complete compliance with the league’s relocation policies.

In hot-take fashion, clearly Jones’s proposal solves a lot of issues for the NFL. As stated above, the Chargers will not be playing in San Diego next season, while saying no to Kroenke will likely result in an embarrassing lawsuit – after all, he owns the damn land! Plus, in classic Goodellian fashion, the commissioner’s report on three cities hoping to keep their antsy franchises declared that these cities had “ample opportunity but did not develop their proposals sufficiently to ensure the retention of its NFL team.”

(Pretty clever verbiage, eh? Goodell is clearly trying to imply sympathy for those awesome fanbases and shift blame for his own declaration to the bid proposers." target="_blank"> doesn’t know tons about San Diego and Oakland fandom, but can say with some assurance that the St. Louis group had serious support among that city’s Rams fans; if the Rams come back to Los Angeles, St. Louis will shift into NFL ghost town overnight and goodbye TV ratings there.)

What’s worrisome about the Jones proposal – again, total hot take, specifics not necessarily included – is the source himself. On the outside, Jones’s persona ain’t exactly positively perceived; how seriously is he taken with the NFL owners’ circle? We can only speculate and wait until next week?

Wow, isn’t football exciting? (Totally not ironic there. Well, maybe a teeny bit.)

– written by Os Davis