Irony-free TNF commercial highlights San Diego, Oakland fan bases

Monday, December 21, 2015 1:02 AM

Chargers, Raiders fans plug Thursday Night Football -- O, the irony!With no apparent sense of irony, the “Thursday Night Football” producers began running the latest installment of the cutesy “My Team” advertising campaign as scheduled during last night’s Arizona Cardinals-Philadelphia Eagles game.

Like the other spots in the run of commercials this year, this spot for the Thursday night NFL game (click on the link, ‘cause this is damn hard to find online) features two “typical” fans from the teams’ home markets exhorting viewers to tune in. Unlike the other spots, this particular ad comes off as anywhere from absurd to ridiculous thanks to the fact that both of these supposedly chummy NFL supporters are from cities – San Diego and Oakland – which could well be bereft of their “beloved” franchises two weeks from now.

So … what? Should we sympathize with Camilo the Surfer who will no longer have to option to pay half-attention to the Chargers while enjoying the finest waves in the continental U.S.? Or should we cheer for the plucky (though just as mathematically eliminated) Raiders along with equally plucky actress/singer Naya Rivera, who according to Wikipedia has, in actuality, “lived in or around Los Angeles most of her life”?

It’s gotta be the spirit of the holidays that’s making these two smile…

– written by Os Davis