Yes, we’re all in on Pharoh Cooper, too

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 3:47 AM

Pharoh Cooper: A great catch by the Rams...?Word, Todd McShay. is digging on our team’s fourth-round selection Pharoh Cooper, too.

As the dust settles on the 2016 NFL Draft and subsequent immediate undrafted free-agent signings, so flow the ponderings about each franchise’s war-room performance. go-to football guy Todd McShay, in one of a zillion listicles posted since draft day, happily pronounced Cooper to be the Los Angeles Rams’ best draft pick overall.

Commented’s Rams beat writer Nick Wagoner thereafter:

McShay pointed to Cooper’s intangibles and versatility as reasons he likes the selection for the Rams. I tend to agree with McShay here with the added thought that I like the idea of adding Cooper to Tavon Austin even if they’re slightly redundant because it will force the Rams to be a bit more creative offensively to make it work.

(Wait, what…? “It will force the Rams to be a bit more creative offensively to make it work”? Considering that the gameplan in 2015 often consisted of equal parts #FeedGurley and trick plays featuring Austin and with ’16 looking little different, this year’s Rams offense could be the wackiest ever!)

Ol’ Mel Kiper Jr. backed up McShay in the post-draft positive assessment, labeling Cooper a “steal” for Los Angeles. Said Kiper, in part, “He blocks, he catches in traffic. He does all the things – he’ll go get the football down the field. He’ll do everything you want. He’ll battle into double coverage for the football.”

The take? After 973 receiving yards and eight TDs for South Carolina in his junior year plus the ability to play on special teams. Incidentally, about the Rams’ gadget play possibilities: Note that Cooper ran for a touchdown and passed for another in ’15 with the Gamecocks. Maybe this Rams offense *can* get more creative…


– written by Os Davis

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