No *#(@(&@ing way! Rams trade for no. 1 overall NFL draft pick!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 11:43 PM

Holy Shit! (Los Angeles Rams get no. 1 overall NFL draft pick)Well now, this certainly changes things.

Les Snead, Jeff Fisher et al have apparently decided that the Los Angeles Rams will essentially forego the entire NFL draft after nabbing the first overall pick from the Tennessee Titans, thereby reducing the team’s entire draft “haul” to (presumably) Carson Wentz plus four selections in the fourth and sixth rounds – and incidentally made mincemeat of this sort of speculation.

Said Snead this morning:

Though one can hardly expect Wentz to be a sure thing, this move will certainly help generate excitement for the inaugural season of Los Angeles Rams 2.0. Even cynical fans such as yours truly are looking past the possibility of the big W turning out to be a JaMarcus Russell or (gulp) Sam Bradford and hoping instead for an Andrew Luck or Cam Newton.

Of course, the flip side still urges caution. There is this salient argument:

And, franchise QB or no, Rams fans are still looking at one heck of a holey, low-depth roster with unaddressed needs in the secondary and the offensive line. Here’s to thinking this Rams team still more resembles an expansion franchise than a contender to go deep into the playoffs, but never mind all that. Today, the glass is definitely half full.


(Now, who’s interested in trading for Nick Foles? Um, anyone? Hello…?)

– written by Os Davis

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