Remembering Deacon Jones philosophically examining eternal question “Lite Beer: Less filling or tastes great?”

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 3:22 PM

My friend Dave reminded this morning of an essential part of TV sports viewing from the formative years of Generation X: Namely, the ubiquitous retired jock- and comedian-starring commercials for “Lite Beer from Miller.”


Now, for you young whippersnappers out there…

Running through the mid-1970s to late 80s, the Miller Beer “Less Filling, Tastes Great” series of commercials and print ads was ultimately ranked as a top 10 ad campaign by trade publication Advertising Age; this formerly young impressionable watcher can attest to its effective brainwashing marketing techniques and witty dialogue.

This ad series can also be credited with launching Bob Uecker’s awesome television career via creation of that lovable self-deprecating mediocre ballplayer – and for just barely keeping Joe Piscopo’s career off life support for another 18 months or so.

In any event, here’s the spot featuring Deacon Jones, the Los Angeles Rams’ representative among the jockocracy. The first features a quick look into “comedy” TV of the 70s and its stubborn addiction to the nonsensical smartass comeback. (Seriously, do the zombie-like barflies gathered around *not* believe Deacon and thus fear his mighty jab?)

Sure, go ahead now and check out the entire run on YouTube – as if you need the encouragement. Spoiler: The eternal debate is never solved.

The worst thing about these ads was actually finally coming of age enough to have a friend who could swipe beers from his dad’s stash legally drink, only to discover that Miller Lite is undrinkable on the level of anti-freeze. Thank the gods for microbrews; lemme tell you somethin’, young feller, back in my day you had to walk five miles to the grocery mart and you could only get four types of beer! And all of ‘em were made in either Milwaukee or St. Louis! There was –

O, excuse me, i’m being asked to vacate this seat. I must be in the front rooooow…

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